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"David Prosen has written a powerful booklet that I wish every Catholic adult would read. With incredible authenticity and transparency, he takes the reader into the interior reality- so often marked by wounds and pain- of those who experience same-sex attractions. Yet he also points the way to hope and healing in Christ, and the ways the body of Christ can be a source of healing. This book will change the way you see the world." 

 - Dr. John Bergsma, PhD

   Catholic Bible scholar, author, speaker


"With compassion and honesty, David Prosen reveals an empowering vision for sharing the liberating love of Jesus Christ with men and women trapped in the culture's false messaging and still longing for authentic love." 

- Lisa Mladinich

  Host of Shalom World TV's 

  WOMAN: Strong Faith, True Beauty

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"Author David Prosen speaks generously and with wisdom out of his own experience of same-sex attractions: without love, all the rules and commandments in the world fall flat. It is not for us to fix or change the person with same-sex attractions; our place is simply to love them. Just like anyone else, the person with same-sex attractions first needs to hear that his heavenly Father cares for him. Prosen reminds us of the power of affirming love in our own experience. When someone takes the time to just be with us and tells us the truth in a compassionate way, we are more likely to receive it. Each of us, then, as spiritual mothers and fathers, may be a vehicle for Christ's affirming love shining in the loneliness of same-sex attractions."

                                                                      - Suzanne Baars, PhD

    Catholic psychotherapist and founder of      the Baars Institute. 

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"I know David well…and I know his story. And yet, this heartfelt and vulnerable account was riveting. David offers a rare glimpse into the inner world of someone whose attractions were shaped in a crucible of pain and anchored into his psyche by the lies of bullies and the bullying lies he came to accept. His journey toward healing is a triumph of God’s merciful love and truth- a light in this dark world offering real hope to the many who struggle to find their true identities in Christ. One word- Inspiring."

- Allison Ricciardi, LMHC

Founder and President:


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"David Prosen’s My Journey to Truth, Authentic Love and Hope is a candid, moving, and insightful narrative of God’s grace working wonderfully in David’s life. The book will be especially helpful for anyone who struggles with a troubled childhood or with sexual temptation. David’s story will inspire and provide hope. He is a model of courage for all of us."


- Dr. Patrick Lee:

McAleer Professor of Bioethics,

Director of the Center for Bioethics at Franciscan University of Steubenville

"With great love and courage, David Prosen shares the true story of his path to self-discovery in Christ. In these pages, readers will find an inspiring journey from fear, isolation, and confusion to a life of restored masculinity and authentic freedom. This daring personal testimony will change lives by drawing hearts to the healing love of God."

- Lisa Mladinich

Breakthrough Coach, Best-selling Author

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