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In this four-part seminar,  I explore the basics of chastity, share a little of my testimony, and discuss 6 key points to obtain and maintain chastity or living a chaste life. 

Part 1


This dual picture perfectly fits the topic of Part 1 of this seminar. On the left, I am about 21 years of age and living unchastely. On the right, I am about 56 and living chastely. In this video post, I explore the basics of chastity, what it is, and isn't, and some testimony from my own life. You will hear what was going on when I was about 21 and what it's like for me now. In the upcoming part two, I will discuss strategies on how to obtain and maintain a chaste life. ​ (c) David Prosen 2020

Part 2

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In Part 2 of this seminar, I begin by briefly exploring what is a "chaste marriage". Next, I lay the foundation for the rest of this seminar, by listing the six ways (or key points ) to obtain and maintain chastity in our own personal lives. This episode discusses points 1 and 2 in detail.

Part 3
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In part three of this seminar, I explore obstacles to chastity. What are these obstacles? Sexual sins and emotional unhealthy behaviors. I also discuss triggers and the importance of knowing what one's personal triggers are.

Part 4: The Finale
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This fourth and final installment of this seminar, Chastity 101:Survival Guide 2020, is my absolute favorite one. I believe it will be yours as well. In this episode, I focus on the last two of six key points to obtain and maintain chastity, which are dear to my heart: Safeguard Your Chastity and Never Give Up.