• David Prosen

Whispers of An Angel on a Shoulder

I saw a meme on Facebook this morning that had me laughing. It said, “I have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other shoulder. I am also deaf in one ear.”

After a moment, I thought about it and it was more than funny, but also, very profound. As a therapist, I deal with the humanness of believing negative lies about ourselves. In fact, this is usually a big part of my job in many cases. When an emotional wound occurs, causing an intense emotion, many of us stuff these along with the memories deep down inside. The problem is, the emotions and memories don’t go anywhere. Every now and then the emotions and memories of wounds begin to erupt and start to seep out. As soon as we can gain some sense of control, we stuff them back down.

One of the problems with this, is that we often attach untruths to these intense emotions and believe them as truths. These untruths are often those things that are said in cartoons by the devil on the shoulder, “You can’t do it. You don’t have what it takes.” But often much more scarring. I can’t help but think that these thoughts we have are “buttons” being pressed by the enemy during those moments that we are most vulnerable. The enemy wants us to be caught in lies and pain. Why? He doesn’t want us to embrace the truth we have in Christ. And these lies or untruths are “loud” since they are often attached to shame, anger, sadness, and more painful emotions and thoughts. Other messages might be, “Your ugly, no one likes you, nobody will ever love you, your fat, your old, you’re a failure, nothing you do is right, your no good” and the list goes on and on.

During these moments it doesn’t matter what compliments are given to us by the “angel on the shoulder” because we are deaf to this angel. In fact, it doesn’t matter what compliments our loved ones give us. These truths aren’t accepted into our hearts because our hearts are blinded or deaf to these truths. This is because our hearts have embraced these loud untruths which are causing much pain and for that reason seem to be fact, because it’s an experience.

But emotions can be liars and aren’t barometers of truth. In the meme I saw this morning, I imagine the devil is so loud. And the angel is whispering. Often whispers can get our attention more than someone screaming but we need to focus on the whisper and ignore the loud untruths.

If you are stuck by many untruths and wounds in your life, click here which will take you to my resource page. Once there, read about how to find a good Catholic/Christian therapist. There are some links there that can help you find one in your area. As I have often said, living the Christian life can be difficult enough. No one needs to do this alone. But along with this, no one needs to keep the obstacles preventing God’s truth and love to penetrate our hearts. It’s so much easier to live the Christian life when we allow his healing love to melt those barricades in our hearts and throw away the untruths while embracing His all-encompassing truth.

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