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New Video: 3-7-21 (short ten-minute video) Check out what profound thing happened this weekend that changed my lenten perspective. Just maybe... it might change yours

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In this new video, I spend just a few minutes discussing the importance of building our trusting in Christ no matter what struggles we have. After this, join me in praying a beautiful and powerful prayer, "The Litany of Trust" by Sr. Faustina Maria Pia of the Sisters of Life. I think you will find this a peaceful experience as we lay down our worries and pray for our trust in Jesus to increase.

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To Wear a Mask or not wear a mask? That is the question. :-) And this question is causing much hate and division in the Church. Please take a look and share this very important message with others. (c) David Prosen 2020

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A humorous look at 2020 (because really... there is no other way to look at it and remain sane). And then a look at the truth. We don't have to let 2020 take our peace away. I focus on how we can keep it in the midst of 2020's storm of insanity. (c) David Prosen 2020

Four-part seminar on Chastity. Click on this pic to go to the page with all four videos.  TEMPORARILY DOWN
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In this four-part seminar,  I explore the basics of chastity, share a little of my testimony, and discuss 6 key points to obtain and maintain chastity or living a chaste life. For your convenience part 1 is listed below this post. But don't miss the other three parts! Be sure to go to "Chastity 101 Seminar" page and watch them at your leisure.

Part 1
Don't miss parts 2, 3, and 4.
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This dual picture perfectly fits the topic of part 1 of this seminar. On the left, I am about 21 years of age and living unchastely. On the right, I am about 56 and living chastely. In this video post, I explore the basics of chastity, what it is, and isn't, and some testimony from my own life. You will hear what was going on when I was about 21 and what it's like for me now. In the upcoming part two, I will discuss strategies on how to obtain and maintain a chaste life. ​ (c) David Prosen 2020
This video talk is for women regardless of whether one has opposite or same-sex attractions. You are beloved and beautiful in the eyes of the one who matters most: your bridegroom, Jesus Christ.  (c) David Prosen 2020
This message is directed towards men regardless of attractions to the opposite or the same-sex. It explores the question, "How do we live as men of God" while both looking at obstacles that get in our way and at the same time looking at the reality of God's authentic love for us. We might feel alone sometimes but with Christ, in our lives, He is with us and leading us if we only reach back to his reach for us.  (c) David Prosen 2020
As Catholics, we are blessed with the Holy Sacraments. This video specifically focuses on the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. Sometimes it's hard to comprehend the body, blood, soul, and divinity is hidden in the bread. I speak about some life-changing insights I obtained after listening to a "LightHouse CD featuring Betty Brennan's testimony." These insights became alive at the next mass I went to and have given me some tools for those times when it's difficult to quiet my mind and focus on the reality of His presence in the Eucharist. (c) David Prosen 2020
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This short one-act play follows Susan who goes to an empty Church during COVID maybe because she feels safe there. She immediately prays but due to all the stress in her life, she couldn't hear God's still quiet voice... at least... at first. (c) David Prosen
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This was originally filmed in around April in the midst of COVID-19. (You can tell by my stunning hairstyle called, "The Salons are all closed." :-)  In this video, I wrestle with the question, "Am I being hypocritical by wearing a mask in public?" (c) David Prosen 2020